get rid of your tax problems

A professional tax team will check your income tax history and inform you about the pending tax compliances, tax demand and unprocessed refunds.


A team of experienced Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Income Tax Practicing professionals along with a group of hard-working support staff, have come together to solve the income tax problems and making your life much simpler.


A true blend of experience, quality, and speed!



Income Tax Appellate services

If the income tax officer does not agree with your submissions, the taxpayer has the right to appeal with the higher authority and prove his submissions. Once you receive the order, upload it on our website and our team will guide you on further steps immediately.

Income Tax Demand cancellation support

Due to tax credit mismatch or due to wrong income tax computation, the income tax system may raise demands on the taxpayers. Our team is working just to solve these kind of problems. Demand cancellation can be handled BEST by IURIS.

Income Tax Scrutiny Assessment support

Once you file an income tax return, the department scrutinizes the returns filed for its correctness and completeness. If the department feels that the income tax return is suspicious, then that particular year’s income tax return will be taken for detailed examination. Just upload the notice on our website and let the professionals act further.

Assessment of Income Tax History Hygiene

A taxpayer should regularly check his online income tax records. If the records are clean and hygienic, the taxpayer is safe. Based on our client’s request, our team checks for the income tax history. We do a one-time hygiene check wherein we inform the client on all the pending compliance actions to be taken.

Resolution to Income Tax Notices

Since the system automatically evaluates the income tax returns filed online, there are some checkpoints built in the system. Once the checkpoint gets triggered, immediately a system generated notice will be sent to you, seeking clarification. Our team is here to reply and solve every such notice received by you.

Income Tax Refund follow up support

Income tax refund situation arises when the tax paid is more than actual tax liability. Classic example: Tax deducted and paid by the employer more than what was required to be deducted and paid. Approaching the right officer at the right time with proper documents, our team can assure you of getting all the blocked refunds.



Darayus Lakdawalla


Director, Hester Biosciences

Very great service of filing my ITR 3 returns. Being an NRI I was very much happy with their personalized service with ease of accessing them. Their fees are very reasonable. Have been filing my IT returns through them for now over 4 years. Excellent - Highly Satisfied.

Samit Datta


Consultant - Engineering

When I was served the Income Tax Notice for detail scrutiny of my IT return. In spite of the location, he took up my case, studied, responded within the stipulated time frame and supported until the file was closed. I found the team knowledgeable on the subject matter, sincere, responsive and cordial.

Rishabh Goel


Regional BU Head- Apollo Tyres

You are doing a great job. Have been very helpful every time I am in need. Keep it up!



HR Senior Manager, Accenture

Personalized, transparent, swift and ethical.


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